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Adult orca whale breeching the surface of the water as it swims through the ocean.

Which southern resident orca are you most like? Take our quiz to find out!

The southern residents are icons of the Pacific Northwest. They're playful, social and smart, and they all have names. They're also critically endangered. To celebrate Orca Action Month (June), we invite you to get to know these amazing orcas and find out which one you're most like!

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Spend The Holidays At The Aquarium!

Spend The Holidays At The Aquarium!

The holidays are almost here and what a better way to celebrate then watching Santa dive in the Windows on Washington Waters exhibit at the Aquarium! This Saturday, December 17 and Sunday, December 18 are the last two days where you can see Santa dive at the Aquarium. Come see him dive at noon and 3pm both days.

Critter News: 3 New Cassin's Auklets at the Aquarium

Critter News: 3 New Cassin's Auklets at the Aquarium

A first for the Seattle Aquarium — 3 Cassin’s Auklets, a new species for our collection, recently arrived from SeaWorld Orlando and are now on exhibit with the rest of our Alcid collection.

Northern Fur Seals and The Pribilofs

Northern Fur Seals and The Pribilofs, Part Four

Seattle Aquarium mammal biologist, Julie Carpenter recently assisted NOAA scientists from the Alaska Fisheries Science Center with their annual research in the Pribliof Islands of Alaska, which are home to breeding colonies (or rookeries) of the northern fur seal.

Critter News: Scary and Slimy Sea Stars

Critter News: Scary and Slimy Sea Stars

The morning sun star (Solaster dawsoni) eats its own kind. It can swallow small prey whole, but will evert its large stomach to feed on larger sea stars. So, how does it capture and hold onto sea stars that may be larger than itself?

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