Fostering Empathy for Wildlife Workshop

Are you interested in learning more about using empathy to motivate guests to take conservation action? The Seattle Aquarium has led workshops around the country to help aquariums and zoos do just that. 

AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums use education to connect the public with critical conservation issues. These institutions engage communities through diverse programming that uses research-based strategies to inspire conservation action. Successfully inciting conservation action depends on addressing barriers, incentives and internal motivators. Internal motivators—such as connectedness to nature, environmental identity, emotional affinity with nature, environmental self-efficacy, nature relatedness and empathy—are all associated with conservation action. Of these, empathy toward wildlife is an important factor in predicting an individual’s willingness to take conservation action. To continue improving the quality of our programming, it’s valuable to understand how empathy is developed toward wildlife. 

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Over 90% agreed or strongly agreed that they thought the workshop was useful in their work and they felt confident in using the best practices in developing empathy materials. See some quotes from our participants below.