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Cedar River Salmon Journey

Cedar River Salmon Journey

When June through October—check event listing for dates and times | BONUS WEEKEND October 29 and 30

Join the Seattle Aquarium to learn more about salmon! Trained naturalists will be on-site to help you spot spawning salmon and learn about the things we can all do to help them. Free and family friendly!

Follow the journey of a lifetime

Each year, thousands of Pacific salmon return to our local watersheds to produce the next generation of fish. Salmon play a key role in our economy and are the cornerstone of our local ecosystem, which supports us all. These amazing creatures are also critical to the health and well-being of Coast Salish peoples, who stewarded these lands and waters for generations and continue to do so today.

Here in Seattle, we’re fortunate to host one of the few wildlife migrations that runs through the heart of an urban watershed. The Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish Watershed supports a threatened run of Chinook—as well as sockeye and coho—salmon. From May to September, adult salmon pass through the Ballard Locks on the final leg of their epic journey from the rivers and streams in which they were born, out to the ocean and back to these same rivers and streams. There, during fall and into winter, these salmon will spawn and die, and the Pacific salmon life cycle will begin again.

Sockeye salmon swimming in a river.
Cedar River location map

October 2022 dates and times:

11am–4pm on October 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 and 23. 

BONUS WEEKEND October 29 and 30.

Locations (links will open locations in Google maps)

Renton Library

Alternate link: Sound 2nd & Mill Ave. South

Please note: The Bronson Bridge near the Renton Library is closed for repairs and mapping software such as Google Maps may divert you to a nearby area as you approach. The library's parking area remains open. The nearest intersection to the library is South 2nd Street and Mill Avenue South. Signs for where to see salmon will be placed near the library and parking areas.

Cedar River Park
Riverview Park
Belmondo Reach
Landsburg Park

Note: Please help keep these sites healthy for everyone by following current COVID-19 guidelines. 

Learn more about salmon and recovery efforts from Cedar River Salmon Journey partners
Webinar series on salmon of the Cedar River

Take action on behalf of salmon!

Start by checking out the Aquarium’s Take Action web page, review salmon actions below or sign up for the Aquarium’s policy action alerts. Everything you do to help salmon also helps our southern resident orcas—and is good for people too! 

illustration of hand being raised
Get involved:

Support salmon recovery by volunteering, voting and sharing your knowledge with others.

illustration of the front of a car
With your car:

Take your car to a commercial car wash and have oil leaks fixed.

illustration of a dog squatting to poop
Around your dog:

Pick up dog waste, bag it and place it in the trash (not in the yard waste bin).

illustration of a sink water faucet
Conserve water:

Sweep driveways and sidewalks instead of hosing, take shorter showers and use drought-tolerant plants in your yard.

illustration of a tree
In your yard:

Use fertilizers and pesticides sparingly, or just use compost.

illustration of a house
At home:

Properly use, store and dispose of hazardous household materials.


  • King County Flood Control District
  • MMS Giving Foundation
  • Seattle Public Utilities
  • The WRIA8 Salmon Recovery Council
  • The City of Renton
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Seattle District